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Welcome to Hi-Tech Bangla (Bangladesh)Ltd.

Hi-Tech Bangla, (Bangladesh) Ltd. (HTB) offers a full complement of specialized engineering, technical and management services to the Aeronautics, Space Science, Energy Systems, Information Technology and Multi-Disciplinary Industries. HTB professionals are engineers, engineering group managers, manufacturing managers and program managers with proven track records of successfully working with local and international operators, prime contractors, subcontractors, service providers as well as research community.


Our vision is to provide cost effective solutions for engineering problems, on-time delivery, high reliability, customer satisfaction and hence establish a global brand.

One of our goal is to provide appropriate guidelines and approaches for a program from the inception to the successful completion. We also provide the subsequent project planning, engineering design along with system operations for our customer. We are committed to maintain the work schedule at any costs to avoid the additional cost incurred due to delay. We use state-of-the-art technology to our customers in every business division. HTB is capable of carrying out advanced research in different areas at different national- and international universities.


Provide the world’s best engineering and consulting services to its customers globally, deliver highest value to its suppliers, employees and shareholders as the premier technology marketing, supplying products and services provider.

HTB dreams to establish a culture of research & development globally for the long term and has so envisaged its hi-tech activities in engineering and technological sectors through a rich blend of consulting and indenting services with an engineering team consisted of consultants, scientists along with experience and young engineers.

HTB persistently performs to do things better with a motto of “Failure is not an option”.


HTB is connected with more than 1000 consultants around the globe to support our endeavour in Aeronautics, Space Science, Energy Systems, Information Technology, Multi-Disciplinary Engineering, Health Care Systems and Safety Systems. In Space Science, our consultants have experience more than 25 years and have managed space programs of USD10 million to USD 500 million. In Aeronautics, we are connected with various groups of consultants who can design and develop various kinds of aircrafts. In Information Technology, we are connected with consultants who have absolute experiences in the field of networking, software development and database with Microsoft, AT&T, Verizon, and Nokia etc.


Hi-Tech Bangla, (Bangladesh) Ltd. has renowned professors in its advisory board who have huge expertise in their own research areas. They act as advisors for critical situations during the life span of products whether it is under improvement and/or in development phase. They also lead different research groups in carrying out research to develop the customized technology and/or products for our local as well as international customers. This scientist group is an added advantage for HTB that may be considered as an exceptional one. HTB prefers to deploy a scientist group with hands on experienced consultant team in every project to make it innovative, economical, functional and successful.


Hi-Tech Bangla, (Bangladesh) Ltd. is fortunate to have the collaboration of different top-ranked universities in the USA and Bangladesh. The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) along with some other US based universities and Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) are the primarily selected universities to conduct research in their laboratories. Moreover, we have access to over 20 research labs to conduct research with them. Currently, Hi-Tech Bangla, (Bangladesh) Ltd. is involved in developing Space Technology at the Aerospace System Laboratory (ASL) at University of Texas at Arlington for NASA.


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