Engineering Service

HTBBD’s engineering services which includes but not limited to as following:

Engineering Design

Engineering Modification and Upgradation

HTBBD provides and engineering design process to modify or improve of an existing design. For example, HTBBD has successfully modified prime movers and trailers of Bangladesh Army. This project was a combination of 3D modeling of existing prime movers and trailers with detail stress analysis for the modified section.

Engineering Analysis

HTBBD can provide stress analysis, computational fluid dynamics analysis, thermal analysis, electromagnetic analysis for engineering design and development.

Control System Design

CNC Systems and Automation at BOF:

This CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine- C1020-CNC had been non-operational since 2004 at the Bangladesh Ordnance Factory (BOF). It had been over eight years since the machine last operated. HTB provided a Spare CPU with S7 Program of their Barge-loader (Cement) Unit CPU315 and CPU314 CPUs. HTB installed the Backup Program for their Control Units using Step7 V5.4. This system is consisting of CPU315 and CPU314 CPUs. Later we provided a spare CPU with the Backup S7 Program in the MMC Card. There are few other machines which HTB has repaired and rendered useful again. The following is the summary of those repair works.