Research & Development

HTB’s Research & Development provide feasibility study, design & analysis, assembly & production planning and full-fledged production of completely new system. We can also provide the same service to customize and upgrade an existing system to increase the compatibility, performance and sustainability of that systems.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

HTB wants to offer a technology that is affordable, easily operable, survives extensive environmental and limited enemy Challenges, easily maintainable at a low expenditure and ensured with high availability of spares and a technology that does not only brings value to customer but also long-lasting applicability. Our UAV product line includes:

  • Reconnaissance and Surveillance UAV System
  • Target Practice Drone
  • Combat UAV System

Following is one of our R&D UAV products that we can deliver within 12 weeks.

  • B-Vulture-1: A/B/C
  • B-Vulture-2: A/B/
  • B-Vulture-3: A/B/C/D