Military Simulator

HTB can develop simulator for military organizations. Following is our Military Simulator product line.

Tactical Communication Simulator Centre (TCSC)

The main purpose of the TCSC software is to make a realistic simulation learning process of the Communication equipment utilizing the maximum time of the day. To computerize/ simulate the learning process of Signal equipment through the TCSC.

  • To build an interactive, three-dimensional simulation software of the Communication equipment.
  • To provide training on Radio Sets, Exchange, Radio Relay, VSAT, Microwave and Testing Equipment.
  • To provide training to the Radio Operator and Technician.
  • To practice the operating procedure of Communication equipment without a real time instructor.
  • To organize large scale exercises and training on communication devices and equipment regularly.
  • To reduce equipment damage with less physical handling.
  • To utilize the training time and bring maximum benefits of it.
  • To make availability of various precis and manuals of communication devices for getting maximum output.
  • To learn the environment of the enemy and own through various group exercises.