Military Simulator

HTB can develop simulator for military organizations. Following is our Military Simulator product line.

Sonar Simulator

HTB can develop Sonar Simulator to provide detailed simulations which provides a perfect scenario for quick and thorough training of ASW and submarine. This high-tech PC-based training simulator is suitable for all levels of sonar operators, from beginners to the most experienced and competent. HTB has the expertise to provide the following services to clients:

  • Underwater Advanced listening system or skills
  • Taking tactical actions against the any kinds of attack in underwater
  • Recognised & identifying underwater targets or obstacles
  • Using the analysis and detection tools
  • Weak target detection in the presence of various noises and reverberations
  • Torpedo detection
  • Tailored realistic Human Machine Interface
  • Transmitting ultrasound pulses from a specific point
  • Producing a highly realistic Sonar image on Sonar display
  • Calculating the echoes using the geographical data and simulated underwater objects in generating the sonar image
  • Proven in operational training - provides low-risk, cost-effective training solution