Military Simulator

HTB can develop simulator for military organizations. Following is our Military Simulator product line.

Naval Bridge Simulator

HTB Can develop Naval Bridge Simulator to provide detailed simulations of a comprehensive range of the features of a naval vessels and accurately simulates the ship handling characteristics of a wide variety of naval ships including frigates, missile ships, offshore patrol vessels, etc. Bridge equipment which is specific for a naval ship will provide total look and feel of a naval ship in motion. High fidelity visual display systems and detailed 3D scenes provide a completely immersive and believable environment for the hands-on training of naval personnel.

  • Realistic Virtual Sea View
  • Implemented with full size bridge consoles for control and monitoring
  • Dynamic Environment system
  • Digital Communication Controller Unit
  • Communication Bay- Communication bay shall be able to simulate communication between ship to ship, ship to air by radio communication i.e. VHF, UHF, HF and from ship to submarine by underwater telephone Communication.
  • Real Generic radar, conning and Ecdis system
  • Full HD(4K) visual system
  • Full HD Instructor Console
  • Full HD Students or Player Console