Multi-Disciplinary Division


Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Division provides the most complete range of industry-leading research and development work and supplies advanced engineering equipments/ machineries in the local market in Bangladesh. Our creative technologies and skilled expertise help customers in all over the country to be more efficient, reliable and profitable. Multi-Disciplinary division has several sub-divisions like Mechanical Research & Development, HVAC, Heavy Machineries, Floating Structures, Water Resources Engineering, Biomedical, Pharmaceuticals, Steel Industries, Petrochemicals, Piping, Cement Industries, and Software Procurement. More than 50+ engineers graduated and trained from different countries such as USA, Russia, Germany, Sweden, South Korea, China, India etc. are working in this division.

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Under .Multi-Disciplinary, HTB has 13 (thirteen) departments and we are capable of providing following Products to our customers

  Mechanical Research and Development

HTB is equipped with dedicated teams for design and analysis of any equipment, machineries and different components. Our design tools extend our functionality for geometrical surface creation, 2D conceptual sketching, 3D modelling, and sheet metal, cast, moulded and forged parts modelling.

  Heavy Machineries

HTB can supply any types of Heavy Machineries and support their warranty period for any types of repair, up gradation and maintenance. HTB can design and develop any types of machined through it Mechanical research and development group.

  Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

HVAC is important in the design of medium to large industrial and office buildings where safe and healthy building conditions are regulated with respect to temperature and humidity, using fresh air from outdoors. HTB provides HVAC solutions for both commercial and private installation. We provide after sale services to our customers.

  Biomedical Industries

HTB installs, commissions, inspects, maintains, repairs, calibrates, modifies and designs biomedical equipment and support systems to adhere to medical standard guidelines. We support all types of maintenance, warranty and up gradation for precision. HTB ensures that medical equipment is well-maintained, properly configured, and safely functional. Engineers are employed by HTB in hospital, clinics, private sector companies, and the military

  Floating Structures

HTB provides supply, installation, commissioning of any floating equipment to its customers. We support all types of maintenance, warranty and up gradation for precision. We maintain the highest level of quality with customer service. HTB’s creative solutions and continuously challenge to supply stable, durable and versatile floating products.

  Pharmaceutical Industries

HTB provides supply, installation, commissioning of any pharmaceutical machineries. It support all types of warranty and maintenance for its equipment. We have experienced professionals who know how critical your needs are and they react quickly when contacted. Their knowledge of process equipment means they can quickly find what you need and make all the necessary arrangements to get it to you.

  Water Resource Engineering

HTB supplies any type of equipment used in the water resource engineering. We provide maintenance and warranty to our customers. We reduce the cost of water, energy, hazardous and solid waste disposal, and waste treatment by (Bangladesh) Ltdorporating less wasteful methods into your operations to eliminate costly and hazardous by-products. HTB also saves natural resource, reduce complex regulatory overhead. HTB lessens the liability of current or future public environmental concerns.

  Cement Industries:

HTB provides supply, installation, commissioning of engineering equipment in cement industries. It is capable of providing modification of PLC related machineries and after sales services like maintenance and cover the warranty for its customers. HTB ensures maximum efficiency, safety and productivity while always seeking the newest techniques, systems and equipment. When your future project calls for product with structural integrity, acoustical properties, and weather and fire resistance, turn to the producer with a proven history.

  Petro-Chemical Industries

HTB supplies any type of equipment along with different types of simulators used in the petro-chemical industries. We provide maintenance and warranty to our customers. HTB distributes our products serving general chemical industries, sugar mills, and food processing plants, pipeline construction and contractors. We have strong partner, which are manufacture; reputable and well-known makers, approved by most end-users, from many regions, such as Asia, Europe, North America and Far East.

  Steel Industries

This division is dedicated for detail design of steel structures along with supplying of different machineries used in these industries. HTB exhibits remarkable technological dynamism and entrepreneurship and enjoyed significant economic, political, and strategic importance.

  Pipe Stress Analysis

HTB supports stress analysis of different piping systems for oil and gas industries, ship building industries etc. OHTB design and analysis offerings are easy to use, extremely flexible, and totally scalable and are trusted by over 80% of the leading plant engineering companies and owner operators worldwide to deliver accurate, reliable results.

  Software Procurement

HTB supplies any type of software used in engineering design, analysis and documentation services. We provide maintenance and warranty to our customers. HTB has highly professional and expert software developer who maintains high level of communication with top industries, research institutes & universities. We are agile and flexible and can provide can provide any projects within the shortest period of time.