Health Care Systems

Hi-Tech Bangla (Bangladesh) Ltd.provides efficient and accurate use of experienced teams to determine what solutions best meet health care business requirements. HTB can provide well educated and dedicated staffs, registered medical professionals, nurses and assistants for medical centers and hospitals, IT support, project planning, implementations, policy analysis, internal software development and maintenance, Mobile applications for Patients and doctors in the areas of health care and health information technology.

HTB offers a complete suite of cost-effective, scalable services for planning; implementing or supporting your hospital’s staffing and IT requirements.

Medical Staffing 

HTB provides medical staffing which is cost effective and innovative at the same time. Our dedicated and professional teams of staffing who are specialized in different sectors are always there to provide the best health care for your service.

  • Registered Doctors and Nurses.
  • Medical Assistants and therapists.
  • Permanent/Part-time Physician staffing.
  • Medicine delivery people supply.
  • Medical Technicians.

Software Solution

A blend of good physique and good mind makes the life worth living. With the dedication of efficient software developers, Hi-Tech Bangla (Bangladesh) Ltd. is always there to provide you the best Health service Software solutions.

We are ever willing to be at your service. All you need to do is letting us know about your requirements. Some of our ideas include:

  • Drug Schedule Maintenance Software.
  • Nurse Scheduling Software.
  • Patient Management Software.
  • Efficient Communication within Patient and Doctors.
  • Any Kind of Software Related with Health issues according to Patients and Doctors requirement.

Mobile Applications

With the motto of Any Time Any Place Any Device, HTB is offering mobile applications for your health issues. Here, the virtue of platform independent mobile applications enables anybody to take care of patients from Mobile Phone, Notebook, iPad and Tablet PC. With the help of these Mobile applications, you can take good care of your business with such an ease you have thought never before. Furthermore, we are looking forward to producing separate applications for children and older persons.

IT Resource Management 

Hi-Tech Bangla (Bangladesh) Ltd. is ready to keep your IT sector updated and trouble free. We are here to take care of your database used for keeping your clinical data and deal with any kind of networking related problem of your medical center. Our experienced people aim to readily work for the maintenance of your existing software and design a system used for your health issues.

Our Capability