Energy System

Our Capability


Hi-Tech Bangla (Bangladesh) Ltd. (HTB) offers a full bunch of specialized engineering, technical and management services for the Energy sectors. HTB’s Energy division – a highly skilled professional team offers engineering and related consulting services to both government and non-government projects. The team is a blend of experienced and young electrical / mechanical engineers working for the integration of latest technology with the collaboration of world’s best companies.

Currently highly effectual HTB R&D team is working on the full concept development of the energy sectors. The entire organization is thriving to continuously improve the quality of the products and services provided by the company. Hi-Tech Bangla (Bangladesh) Ltd. fosters a work ethic and environment in which every employee shares the responsibility for adherence to all policies and procedures of the quality system

Under .energy division, HTB has 6 (six) departments and we are capable of providing following Products to our customers.

Our Capability

  • Thermal Energy
  • Partnering with manufacturers from U.S.A, China, Japan, Germany, India, Turkey and many other countries Hi-tech Bangla (Bangladesh) Ltd. can provide all kind of generator, transformer, switch gear, circuit breakers to our customers.

  • Power Plant Simulator
  • Power plant simulator is an interactive graphic representation system which allows all kinds of accidents and normal operational conditions to be simulated in real time. Power plant simulator, because of its interactivity characteristics, is predominantly suitable for the training of plant operators, teaching of new staff and analysis of accidents frequently occur. This tool can also be used for optimization, design and further expansion of the power plant. HTB along with its world renowned partners from the industry HTB is delivering any kind of Power Plant Simulator to the customers as a turn key basis.

  • Renewable Energy
  • Renewable energy design division covers installation and commissioning of solar power plant .we provide all kinds of solar majoring equipment like solar simulators. Our experts and engineers are highly qualified and experienced of maintenance of solar power plants.

  • Smart Grid Technology
  • The Smart Grid is an intelligent electric grid that shares information between utilities and consumers and is cleaner, more reliable and responsive. A smart monitoring system keeps energy flowing efficiently and economically through the system, maintaining power quality while reducing the risk of brownouts and blackouts. HTB gives solution of communications, measurement and control for smart grid and also can act as a systematically. HTB’s experts and engineers are highly qualified and experienced to help our customers in Smart Grid Technology.

  • Nuclear Energy
  • Partnering with world class scientists, developer and manufacturer Hi-tech Bangla (Bangladesh) Ltd. is capable of supplying all kind of Medical and industrial isotope to our customers .We also provide radioisotope Kits (coated & non coated ) and Ria kits for Medical diagnosis.

  • Distributed Control System
  • HTB supply long range of programmable non programmable electric Meter, HTB also provide simulator swifter which is used for engineering simulation and design. HTB also provides testing equipment for tanning lab like supersonic wind tunnel, Ferro electric loop terser etc.