Military Simulator

HTB can develop simulator for military organizations. Following is our Military Simulator product line.

Advanced RADAR Control Simulator (ARCS)

The ARCS V-1.0 Provides cost-effective, Security initial and ongoing crew training based on accurate depiction of the radar, mission environment and synchronized cue generation. Feature of ARCS:


Electronic Warfare Training & Simulation System (EWTSS)

EWTSS is a flag ship product of HTB. It provides the simulation of Radio communication, Electronic Warfare, Radar, SAM and some other military weapon system. This system provides two-sided exercise with simulated equipment. Some features of EWTSS

  • Multiplayer
  • 3D Digital Map Bangladesh
  • Radio Equipment Planning & Simulation
  • EW Equipment Planning & Simulation
  • Ground, Air and Naval Platform
  • Artillery, SAM and Tank Combat Element
  • Integrated Voice Communication System
  • Large Database of Equipment

3D Gun Firing Simulator

HTB developed small arms firing simulator that can provide target practice or firing exercise using computer generated target site and modified small arms of different types. Multiple people can participate at a time. Modified version of assault rifle can mimic the recoil effect of firing with sound. Target will appear in front screen with certain distance from the shooter. Result will be automatically calculated by the simulation computer.


Digital Early Warning Radar System Simulator

HTB can develop simulation system for Radar Early Warning System. It will simulate the behavior of commercial and military aircraft over Bangladesh Aerospace. Features of this simulator as following.

  • Multiplayer
  • Digital Map of Bangladesh
  • Grid Reference
  • Radar Deployment
  • AD Artillery Deployment
  • Integrated Voice Communication System
  • Database of Equipment

Tank Simulator

HTB can develop 3D Tank Simulator for Tank driving and Gunnery Simulation purposes. A mockup of that Tank with body and turret will be used to represent Tank interior. Front side display will display target location on the screen. The display system can be 360deg or a single display with travers movement in 360 degree.

Naval Bridge Simulator

HTB Can develop Naval Bridge Simulator to provides detailed simulations of a comprehensive range of the features of a naval vessels and accurately simulates the ship handling characteristics of a wide variety of naval ships including frigates, missile ships, offshore patrol vessels, etc. Bridge equipment which is specific for a naval ship will provides total look and feel of a naval ship in motion. High fidelity visual display systems and detailed 3D scenes provide a completely immersive and believable environment for the hands-on training of naval personnel.

Radar Jammer Simulator

A Radar Jamming Simulator will provide the situation of electronic warfare environment for operation own radar system agents enemy EW equipment. HTB can develop such simulation system that will provide the facility to train radar operator as well the decision making of the CEO of that Ship. We can develop Radar Jammer Simulator with following Jamming technique.

  • Spot Jamming
  • Barrage Jamming
  • Follower Jamming
  • Repeater Jamming