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In Advance Weather Systems, Hi-Tech Bangla (Bangladesh) Ltd. provides following products. For enquiry and order please send an email to Our professional team will respond back to you within soonest possible time.

 Advance Weather Systems Supply

Hi-Tech Bangla is capable of supplying different advance weather systems. We can offer you a wide range of weather systems on Turn-Key basis at a very competitive price partnering with market leaders and technology innovators. Our advance weather systems supply includes but not limited to:

  • TSUNAMI Warning Systems
  • Tornado Warning Systems,
  • Earthquake Monitoring Systems,
  • Flood Warning Systems,
  • RASS (Radio-Acoustic Sound Systems),
  • Automatic Weather Systems
  • Rawinsonde Stations
  • Weather Radar Stations
  • Cloud Seeding
  • Storm Neutralizer
  • Easi Access Software
  • AirData Vector Analysis Firmware 

Our engineers are capable of customizing these advance weather systems on Turn-Key basis for customers with a variety of engineering services for extensive and diverse product lines.

 Weather Systems Parts Supply

Hi-Tech Bangla (Bangladesh) Ltd. is a leading stockist and supplier of parts accessories of different weather systems of different brands and types. With commitment to reliability and quality of services we maintain a very high standard to address chain of custody, traceability, stock control for weather systems parts as per industry standard and quality.

Our team is dedicated to be globally recognized as a reputable supplier and the ‘Partner of Choice’ throughout the weather systems parts as an industry benchmark.s

We primarily deal with the following weather systems parts but not limited to:

  • Cyclone Siren,
  • Wind and Turbulence Sensor,
  • Solar Radiation Sensors,
  • Tide Gauge,
  • Airport Weather Observation,
  • Hurricane Sensors.

  Our Principals for Advanced Weather Systems Industry

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