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Advanced Radar Control Simulator

The Advanced Radar Controller Simulator (ARCS) provides efficient, comprehensive training for Radar and its various operations, Advanced Weapon System, Ground Base Air Defenses etc. The ARCS also simulates different properties and functionalities of fighter aircraft i.e.F-16,
F-17, MiG29 and other worlds most advanced and sophisticated fighter aircrafts. The background of the simulator is integrated with maps of the world and radar and different types of air defense resources i.e. aircraft, weapon system, air bases, runways, fuel dumps etc. can be deployed at different locations of the map. Users log into ARCS as particular user i.e. Instructor, Student, and Pilot and practice interception.

Advanced Radar Control Simulator Modules

  • Radar Simulator.
  • Background World Map.
  • Integrated Audio Communication.
  • War Gaming.
  • Ground Controlled Interception.
  • Electronic Counter Measure.
  • Computer Guided Interception.
  • Training and Air Battle Area Management Tools.
  • Weather Simulation.
  • Single Repository of Radars, Fighters and other Air Defense Resources.
  • Customizable User Interface

A.   Radar Simulator

The ARCS simulates Radar display of Ground Radar Station. The Radar Simulator displays objects within its scope and detects friendly fighter or enemy aircraft by simply looking its IFF (Identification of Friends and Foe). It displays the simulated Cloud, Wind Weather environment and shows drifting aircraft accordingly. It is equipped with Electronic Counter-Counter Measures (ECCM) to counter Electronic Counter Measures introduced by enemy aircraft and also displays the resulting ECCM and ECM effect.


B.  Background World Map

The ARCS Simulator is integrated with background Terrain Map of the World as well as Border Map of the World. The Terrain map shows roads, highways, rail track, area map of particular place, river flows etc. in its background. The Border map shows borders of particular countries. The Simulator changes background map display according to user’s choice of Terrain Map or Border map.

C.  Integrated Audio Communication

The ARCS is integrated with digital audio commu nication system which facilitates the voi ce communication between ground radar instructor and pilot

D.  War Gaming

With two controller controll ing their own student i.e. pilots, an extra master controller named Exercise Director distributes air defense resources between controllers and initiates a war game between two countries where a country is represented by a controller with its students.

E.  Ground Radar Controlled Interception (GRCI) practice and evaluation

By simulating the radar scope of a radar station, the ARCS ground radar controller commands a pilot in air to engage with a target / enemy through audio communication. A controller can perform as many interception a s he/she likes with recording facility .

F.   Electronic Counter Measure

The ARCS simulates the Radar Jamming from Electronic Counter Measures by enemy aircraft. An enemy aircraft within the Radar Scope can jam the radar by sending similar signal whose frequency is equal to that of radar signal. An enemy aircraft can perform different kinds of ECM:
Spot ECM:Jams the portion of radar quadrant on which aircraft moves with similar aircraft signal.
Sweep ECM:Jams the portion of radar quadrant on which aircraft moves with similar sweep like aircraft signal.
Chaff ECM:Jams the portion of radar scope with similar aircraft signal.
Barrage ECM:Jams the portion of radar quadrant on which aircraft moves with movi ng signal band.


G.  Computer Guided Interception

The ARCS provides interception training to its users. Interception involves engagement of fighter aircraft with enemy aircraft for enemy repulsion or destruction. The ARCS teaches basic Interception tactics through Artificial Intelligence. Users just select enemy aircraft, fighter aircraft and tactics for Interception and the Simulator then produces the necessary interception training.

G.  Training and Air Battle Area Management Tools

Often intercept ion is carried out within particular Battle field or Training area. To do that, this Simulator provides necessary Toolbox to draw Training area and Battle field. With those tools, users can draw rectangular shaped Training area, triangular shaped, polygona l shaped, curvy Training area with dotted, thick, thin, color options.

F.   Weather Simulation

The ARCS simulates cloud, wind etc. weather scenario within radar scope. Here three different Clouds can be simulated within radar. Those are Low Cloud, Medium Cloud and Large Cloud where Low Clouds are of small volume and less dense and Large Cloud are of bigger volume with much density.



A.  Basic Advanced Radar Operation Training

The inclusion of radars of different type and capabilities i.e. Detection range, detection height, range resolution, ARCS simulates the detection of enemy or target within its scope, weather simulation, interception planning, electronic counter measures etc.

B.  Fighter Controller Operation Training

With help of library data of worlds most advanced fighters, the ARCS simulates fighters’ movement, its turning characteristics at different banking, enemy or target engagement etc.

C.  Air Defense Training

Enemy within own territory can be destructive and the ARCS provides Air Defense system to encounter enemies. With the help of layered air defense system like, surface to air missile, anti - aircraft artillery, combat air patrol, the ARCS simulates the defense of important structures, key point of a country.

D.  GRCI in student and classroom environment

A ground radar controller controls a pilot in air through audio communication and it can also control multiple students in classroom environ ment.


Key Features

  • Customizable User Interfaces
  • Library of Advanced Radar System, Fighter Aircraft and other Air Defense Resources
  • Multiple Radar Displays with User Contro
  • Realistic Cloud, Wind Weather Modelling
  • Electronic Counter and Counter - Counter Measures
  • Modern Fighter Display with sta ndard Info
  • Identification of Friends and Foe (IFF)
  • Various Fighter Formation and Formation Flying
  • Easy to use Interception Planning Tools
  • Computer Guided Interception
  • Game Recording and Playback Capabilities
  • Audio Communication between Pilot and Ground Rad ar Station
  • Advanced Weapon Control System


Option – A

Features :

This Simulator Contain Basic Feature of AD Radar Simulator, Ground Controlled Interception and Communication.

Option – B

Features :

This Simulator Contain the Full Feature of AD Radar Simulator, Ground Controlled Interception, Communication

Option – C

Features :

This Simulator Contain the Feature of AD Radar Simulator, Ground Controlled Interception, Communication, and WAR Gaming and new customized features.