Software System

Our Capability

In software system, Hi-Tech Bangla (Bangladesh) Ltd. provides following Products. For enquiry and order please send an email to Our professional team will respond back to you within soonest possible time.

  Structural Design Software

HTB has combined experience in the development of software and supply and our team is able to offer an extensive range of software and services to meet your needs.We primarily deal with the software with which you will be able to do the following design but not limited to only:

  • Structural layout and design
  • Preparing fabrication/shop drawings for steel structures
  • Preparing working drawings for civil works
  • Strength Testing Support
  • Preparing cost schedule & project schedules
  • Supervision of projects
  • Designing & Solutions
  • Structural investigations and evaluations
  • Failure Investigations

Your order is our top priority. We also hold certificates and accreditation of the industry to ensure an improved stakeholder responsibility, guaranteed legal compliance and minimum risk from counterfeit and non-approved parts through greater consistency and traceability of products and services we deliver.

  Stress Analysis Software

Basic structural analysis is performed using classical hand analysis supplemented by the Finite Element Analysis. Finite Element capabilities include:

  • Statics
  • Normal Modes
  • Buckling
  • Geometric Non-Linear (Large Displacement)
  • Material Non-Linear
  • Non-Linear Transient Response
  • Contact Stresses

No company in Bangladesh can offer the technology and consulting service that we are offering. We set our limits with confidence received from our experts’ competence. Our consultants from around the world use such products that build their confidence and better technical knowhow than any other local companies. Our employees can utilize their experience to train and support customers.