Database Systems

Hi-tech Bangla (Bangladesh) Ltd.  has a strong Domain Knowledge and Technical skill sourcing from its Industry experienced Business Analyst, Project Management and Development Team. The team members of the company are industry and vendor certified. Hi-techbangla works both on open source and proprietary (Microsoft. Net) platform and also has a special expertise on oracle database.


Our products

Hi-tech Bangla (Bangladesh) Limited has developed a lot of products and are still developing products. Our products are:

  1. Inventory Management System for Barapukuria Thermal Power Plant of Bangladesh Power Development Board.

  2. Store Management System of Computer Center of Bangladesh Power Development Board.

  3. Centralized Control Access System Using RFID

  4. Centralized Inventory Management System of all Power Plants of Bangladesh.

  5. Salary Management System of Hi-Tech Bangla (Bangladesh) Ltd.

  6. Result Management System

  7. Web based KPI-MIS Software Centralizing Billing data and form 550L/MIS System.


Our Expertize

Operating Systems: Windows-2000/2003/2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Azure, Windows 7 & 8 and Linux.

Database: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle

Tools/Languages:  C# .NET, ASP.NET, WCF, WPF, SharePoint, Silverlight, MVC, Ajax, PHP, jQuery, JSP, CMS Expertise on Joomla


Reporting Tools: Crystal Reports and tcpdf.

Case Tools: Microsoft Visio, Enterprise Architecture.

Markup Languages: HTML, DHTML, CSS, WAP/WML, and XML/XSL/DTD

Software Libraries:MFC, ANSI C++ STL, ATL, And WTL.

Scripting Languages: PHP, ASP, JavaScript, and VBScript


Our experience

Preset Databases

Database develops and markets a series of preset databases for specific construction trades. These databases have been developed by experts in the construction industry, and are put together from a contractor’s point of view. Required databases are being developed in response to market demand.

Each preset database comes with a disk, and the product is upgraded periodically. These databases are sold directly by Database Solutions and are also available through an exclusive marketing agreement with Sage.

Customized Databases

Customized database is the key demand at present. It was a time when shelf database didn’t meet customer’s individual needs. When that happens we can help them.

Hi-tech Bangla (Bangladesh) Ltd. is a leading IT firm of customize software design. We develop database software to meet our client’s individual requirements within our budget. Sometimes we connect our various applications together to share data easily and rid organizations of redundant system.

We work with our clients to accomplish a project work together for creating a project plan with clear goal and with no hidden charge. We always provide a unique product to customers which always meet customer needs.

Training & Implementation

Hi-tech Bangla (Bangladesh) Limited offers complete training for new users of developed database and database related software. We make a training schedule by concerning with clients and provide necessary training with training manuals to trainees. Hi-tech Bangla (Bangladesh) Ltd is available on a contract basis to oversee the integration of a new system and make it work most effectively for every user.

Hi-tech Bangla (Bangladesh) Ltd’ goal is to get new systems up and running quickly with minimal interruption in work flow. Our consultants utilize effective strategies that enhance the overall process, such as working with on-site staff in advance, coordinating a detailed implementation plan, and advising on training and staffing requirements. This expertise ensures a smooth transition and minimizes installation headaches and delays.