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Our Capability

Under Distribution Control System Division Hi-Tech Bangla (Bangladesh) Ltd. is capable of providing following Products to different areas. For enquiry and order please send an email to Our professional team will respond back to you within soonest possible time:

  Supply of Testing Equipment for training lab

We primarily deal with the following types of DCS products and deliver the project as turnkey basis.

TELT-Fluid MechanicsTELT-Nano Lab Equipment
TETL-Measurement LabTELT- Thermal Lab
TELT- Mechanical Design LabTELT- Composite lab Equipment
TELT- System LabTELT- Digital Control Lab
TETL-Srength of Material labTETL-High Voltage Lab
TETL-Propultion LabTETL-Aero Dynamics Lab
TETL-Machine LabTETL-Advance Electronics Lab
TETL-Thermodynamics LabTETL-Automobile Lab
TETL-Welding LabTETL-Molding Shop Lab
TETL-Rader LabTETL-Avation Lab
TETL-CFD LabTETL-Communication Lab
TETL-Processor LabTETL-Robotics Lab
TETL-Power Electronics LabTETL-Microwave Lab
TETL-Tranmission Lab

Our engineers are capable of customizing complete Distributed Control System for you with a variety of amazing services from an extensive and diverse product lines which is unparalleled to the industry. .

  Other DCS Products

HTB is capable of supplying a diverse range of genuine, reliable, products from the leading manufacturers. Our DCS Product Line includes but not limited to:

Prepaid Electric MeterDevelopment of DCS
Control Card for Turbine GeneratorMagnetic Particle Testing
Generator Security Spare Parts Testing equipment for training lab
Control Panel and relay supplySignal & Visual System

  Our Principals for Distributed Control System Industry

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