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In Defence Systems, Hi-Tech Bangla (Bangladesh) Ltd. provides following products. For enquiry and order, other than Aircraft Parts please, send an email to For order Aircraft Parts, send us email at Our professional team will respond back to you within soonest possible time.

   Integrated Defense Products

HTB is capable of supplying a diverse range of genuine, reliable, products from the leading manufacturers. Our Integrated Defense System Products Line includes but not limited to:

Radar JammerRadar System Automation
FCTU SimulatorSmoke Generator
TrainerBell Helicopter
MT VehicleF-7
Maritime Petrol AircraftWarning Radar
C-130ATS Radar
Sikorisky AircraftPT-6
PL7 MissileAir Defence Radar
AN-32ATA Missile
UAVAircraft Arresting Barrier
Navigation RadarL-39
AW109E HelicopterCessna Aircraft
Air Surveillance RadarPropeller

  Our Principals for Integrated Defense Systems Industry

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